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verashurskay [2019-08-16 10:05:55]

МОЛОДЦЫ работают быстро!!!!!!!

Daniel Palmares [2019-08-16 02:10:43]

All positive comment... Its nice services

wafaweb [2019-08-15 17:07:00]

thank you for services veyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy good

linecarline [2019-08-15 10:54:47]

At is very fast exchange trust admin

jebru4 [2019-08-06 05:10:18]

Unbeatable rate.. Thanks

dwiki [2019-08-03 06:04:56]

Wow, that was fast exchange

muhammedelhattab22 [2019-08-02 22:34:10]

nice very fast, trustfully

rusnik [2019-07-26 12:55:57]

good poo exchange!

alien_4v [2019-07-07 17:26:23]

i couldn't make order, site had bug, they fixed it. after submit order it completed fast.

adrian_katong2 [2019-07-07 03:18:54]

im on level 3 they give me discount around 2.4 USD trusted exchanger and always give good discount im not hesitate to come again thank you top-exchange

wokwok [2019-07-05 20:16:40]

nice fast exchange

nijal006 [2019-07-03 20:17:35]

What a platform for instant exchange...I did my first transaction and it was lightning fast process...loved it great work....keep up the great work top exchange.,thank you so much......

arisaninda7 [2019-06-24 07:37:21]

Really fast exchange

yasim726 [2019-06-21 17:58:16]

Всегда быстрый и безупречный, вы лучший. Спасибо!

adamkar77 [2019-06-19 20:31:02]

thank you very much , my first experience , funds recieved in 15 minutes . Thank you

ezik9112 [2019-06-17 15:56:09]

Все четко и быстро, собственно как и всегда)

mithunali20136 [2019-06-15 22:16:36]

Good Exchanger

arisaninda7 [2019-06-12 14:51:23]

Super fast

alialipour14 [2019-05-22 17:35:11]

I'm satisfied by you Thank you

aminul_dbmc6 [2019-05-11 19:08:53]

100% Trusted admin. I am happy.

ruvesta63 [2019-05-06 08:57:14]


heeeragold [2019-04-24 22:45:56]

great exchange fast, best rate

msrana198781 [2019-04-24 20:23:10]

Very Effective

Надежда [2019-04-24 16:42:30]

Спасибо! Обмен моментальный.

sedoi [2019-04-18 20:22:29]

Молодцы так держать, спасибо

morshedkhan222227 [2019-04-12 14:01:30]

Very very trusted exchange. I'm happy! This site admin is 100000% trusted. Thanks TOP exchange.

taismalikov38 [2019-04-07 16:20:03]

good job, 2 minutes

sunrise [2019-04-04 09:26:30]

Yandex Money to Dogecoin секунд 30 не больше

Yulia [2019-04-03 16:24:23]

Оперативно решили проблему, спасибо за обслуживание. Рекомендую

redwanbahbouh1985 [2019-03-25 03:03:26]

Easy and fast exchange

gabriel1511 [2019-03-23 19:38:26]


arefjev_dmitr [2019-03-21 11:13:44]

Всё быстро и чётко. спасибо команде.

omid1980 [2019-03-19 13:27:02]

very fast

mangust [2019-03-19 06:33:38]

fast, 2 min

Надежда [2019-03-15 15:39:41]


arashkp9 [2019-03-15 09:38:46]

Fast and good!

shourov [2019-03-12 14:40:20]

Thanks a lot

nz_5 [2019-03-12 13:50:10]

Super, very fast!!!

pride_alex [2019-03-11 20:35:24]

Всё классно!

shourov [2019-02-24 14:47:04]

Thanks a lot for your fast service.

aeilinbaev [2019-02-18 17:53:15]

Топ. Быстро, не подводят.

salsabil [2019-02-13 03:02:27]

Awesome site

0975684747da [2019-02-11 07:38:22]


alenashelk21 [2019-02-08 09:34:54]

Thanx! Everything is quick and save. Sistem guvenli ve hızlı.

cpifahim [2019-02-08 06:38:17]


vakhrushieva_t [2019-02-05 19:53:17]

обмен прошел быстро, спасибо!

zummo3 [2019-02-05 05:17:59]

very fast! thanks

Muhammad Rafi [2019-02-04 13:03:30]

Worked fine for me

mdasiqurrrahman [2019-02-03 22:45:22]

Exchange system is very nice. Will use again..Thanks "top-exchange"

stakler [2019-02-03 18:14:04]

so good thanks my bro

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Спасибо!!! Работает как часы. Рекомендую!!!


Very fast. I was Satisfied.


thank you! Works perfect!


Спасибо, все как всегда на высоте!


Great service, using in for the second time, everything is fast and smooth, thanks!


To have been my go to exchange for USDT > BTC for a long time. Super fast and rates are decent.


Best Ex-changer you'll not regret dealing with. Great Job Guys.

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