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nouman777 [2021-03-04 16:47:38]

Top exchange service. I strongly recommend. Thanks to all team members.

Yasir [2021-03-01 12:13:03]

Thanks for the best exchange service , instantly got exchange through your website. 5star

lekseytikhonov [2021-02-08 18:47:35]


pavel79 [2021-02-06 07:25:20]


daydreamster [2021-02-05 15:07:19]

This Cash Exchange Rocks Best Ever Exchanger :)

kkk49 [2021-02-02 17:10:03]

Thank you. fast and nice.

Assad Mehrani [2021-01-30 02:21:17]

Nice Site Bro. I have not ever seen like this Site.

kamwateto [2021-01-29 18:31:29]

there is no one like you guys, your the best

sameer [2021-01-29 06:59:00]

Good exchangr but more fees detect

daydreamster [2021-01-29 06:55:35]

This Exchange Is The Best SuperFast Thanks Admin Your The Best :)

rose793hj [2021-01-27 11:37:33]


silenziopace [2021-01-26 13:09:20]

Super veloci bravissimi complimenti...

masud [2021-01-25 09:42:45]

very good

susandarlin [2021-01-13 12:19:55]

Very Fast Thanks

sameer [2021-01-08 16:29:30]

Best Exchange welldone

ravi077 [2021-01-03 11:56:17]

It's amazing.... too fast

pattarachai290 [2020-12-29 11:09:11]

Thank you. It's very fast.

aliraza4859 [2020-12-27 06:24:13]

Thanks .these guys are amazing .instant paying

aliraza4859 [2020-12-27 05:30:27]

Best ever exchange in the world

aliraza4859 [2020-12-26 21:33:17]

Amazing and trusted exchange

aliraza4859 [2020-12-26 21:16:38]

I have deposited 40000 doge to get usd and it is instant.thanks alot

aliraza4859 [2020-12-26 21:15:37]

Great. Fast and trusted

adil [2020-12-26 18:57:12]

very good thanks

sycho [2020-12-26 15:25:06]

such an godly service keep going

payments6 [2020-12-17 23:21:12]

You guys rock! Keep up the good work!

agundin54 [2020-12-13 12:13:17]

thanks very good and fast have a good day

domains_m3g [2020-12-12 20:31:58]


samanzarif [2020-12-08 17:42:14]


aloi1969 [2020-12-07 23:41:44]

awsome, fast and professional!!

hiten [2020-12-07 09:45:18]

First my payment was cancelled DOGE to PM. After I mailed to support, my money credited successfully to PM. Thank you team. Very supportive.

cryptonav [2020-12-05 11:46:17]

Initiated PM to DOGE exchange. Completed the payment but status was not updated because funds was not credited to TOP-EXCHANGE.COM wallet. My funds was frozen and was subject to review by PerfectMoney. I was worried and contacted topexchange support they was supportive. Later after a few hours the funds was credited to topexchange wallet and they processed and completed my exchange transaction. This process was automatic. If anyone faces this type of issue then do not worry sometimes PM transfers are held for any suspicious activity but will be released soon if there is not any fraudulent activity. Thank you top-exchange.com for providing this awesome electronic currency exchange platform. Recommended 100%.

nawaz76 [2020-12-02 16:12:48]

Very good fast exchange

khaled [2020-12-01 15:13:40]

Thank u , very fast !

pui_kulon [2020-11-29 06:26:14]

Very good

pattarachai294 [2020-11-26 05:52:08]

It's a good job.Easy to exchange.Thank you.

nawaz76 [2020-11-23 09:03:11]

Best exchange fast

irunya82 [2020-11-22 10:42:29]

не первый раз обмениваю здесь, отличный сервис!

wizard70 [2020-11-19 09:46:19]

payeer rub to LTC ok, very fast

lydebank20133 [2020-11-19 00:37:37]

Super fast transactions. Thanks

idael [2020-11-17 18:14:24]

super fast transactions

mablegrand [2020-11-15 14:37:31]

excellent service; you are the best

irunya82 [2020-11-15 13:14:56]

обмен прошёл быстро и чётко!

denis [2020-11-14 18:27:01]

Быстро и Качественно!!!

zwer_12807 [2020-11-12 20:27:38]

немного долго но прошел обмен нармально! спасибо!

Jezreel [2020-11-12 10:26:59]

You are the best. Always fast and efficient

susandarlin [2020-11-11 19:55:15]

Good ex

earning8 [2020-11-08 22:27:16]

My favorite exchanger

dave567 [2020-11-06 09:59:00]

Thanks for the quick response.You are the best!

dave567 [2020-11-04 14:05:01]

lightening speed transfer.Thumbs up!

miuprix [2020-11-03 11:02:22]

Great!, Service OK.... Fast responses.

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Very nice service


Everything was ok. Thank you for your service!


Thanks for the quick and safe job MC


Top-Exchange is now my top online exchanger! It's fast and efficient! Recommending to my other friends


Very fast, I'm so happy


good service

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