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Administrators and web-site owners have an opportunity to participate in our partnership program TOP-EXCHANGE. To participate you should:


  • Register as a user on the web-site top-exchange.com
  • Choose a banner;
  • Place the chosen banner in your blog or your web-site
  • Invite your friends to follow personal partnership link available in client’s backoffice.


Placement of the banner and sharing the link allows you to create your client base and receive profit from them. All users who clicked on the banner on your website or used your personal link for being taken to the resource el-change.com and performed transactions on our service become your clients. From each deal you and a participant of partnership program will receive income. It is calculated from the total income of the service. The percentage of profit depends on the level of partners. Partner’s level is defined by total amount of transactions. The formula is the following:

Total amount=Personal amount+(client’s amount) / 3

Levels of partner programm

Partner Level Total volume of transactions in foreign currency USD Personal Discount
(in % from service profit)
Profit from partner exchange
(in % from service profit)
1 10 5 5
2 100 16 16
3 1000 25 25
4 10000 33 33
5 100000 50 50


A client attracted by a partner may not be registered. But if there is a technical opportunity to identify the relationship with you, the client will be considered attracted. (it is determined through the cookie stored on the client's side at the moment of the first transition to the Service's site from the Partner's site).


Our affiliate program is attractive because with the growth of the number of clients attracted by you, your profit grows not only in quantitative, but also in percentage terms to the volume of transactions made by the attracted customers.


We offer cooperation to all Internet resources. There is no ban on advertising the distribution of bonuses. But you can make profit only for the operations performed with the help of the service. For referrals by links, the payment of income is not provided. It is forbidden to send spam. When claims are received from owners of electronic mailboxes, the account of the sender of the mailings is deleted, the earned means are not paid.




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